Impact Metrics

Altmetrics badges for some of my highest impact research papers

Sulikowski, D., Williams, M., Nair, G., Shepherd, B., Wilson, A., Tran, A., & Wagstaff, D. (2023). Off with her hair: intrasexually competitive women advise other women to cut off more hair. Personality and Individual Differences, 216, 112406 10.1016/j.paid.2023.112406 PDF

Love, H., & Sulikowski, D. (2018). Of meat and men: Sex differences in implicit and explicit attitudes towards meat. Frontiers in Psychology: Evolutionary Psychology, 10.3389/fpsyg.2018.00559. PDF

Thomas, A. G., Jonason, P. K., Blackburn, J. D., Kennair, L. E. O., Lowe, R., Malouff, J., Stewart-Williams, S., Sulikowski, D., & Li, N. P. (2019). Mate preference priorities in the East and West: A cross-cultural test of the mate preference priority model. Journal of Personality, 10.1111/jopy.12514. PDF

Dixson, B. J. W., Sulikowski, D., Gouda-Vossos, A., Rantala, M. J., & Brooks, R. C. (2016). The masculinity paradox: Facial masculinity and beardedness interact to determine women's ratings of men's facial attractiveness. Journal of Evolutionary Biology, 29, 2311-2320. PDF

Burke, D., Nolan, C., Hayward, W. G., Russell, R. & Sulikowski, D. (2013). Is there an own-race preference in attractiveness? Evolutionary Psychology, 11(4), 855-872. PDF