Featured Article in Animal Behaviour!

Posted on May 7, 2015 at 1:25 AM

Our latest paper in the journal Animal Behaviour has been chosen as a feature article this month!

Here's a link to the feature article:


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In this paper we demonstrate that fore-knowledge about the exact distribution of a food type is helpful when noisy miner birds are foraging for nectar, but not when foraging for invertebrates.  We argue that this is because they use this information in the wild to plan an efficient search path through a parch of flowers to help them retrieve nectar, but such information is of no use in the wild when hunting for invertebrates.

The fact that the same information is used differently for different food types in a laboratory setting is itself interesting and tells us something about how cognitive mechanisms have evolved in response to environmental challenges. But what's also really cool, is that these data suggest that noisy miners can plan behaviour in advance - which adds noisy miners to a rather short list of critters who've been shown experimentally to plan ahead!

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